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Welcome to Ascentia Group Marketing!

Established in 2008, Ascentia has been one of the top performing firms in the Outsourced Sales and Marketing industry. We specialise in providing face-to-face direct marketing solutions for multinational clients across a wide spectrum of industries. With proven track record, we partner with our regional and international associates to work with some of the largest brands in the world.

Our Worldwide Offices

We are not the company that comes up with advertisements, commercials and billboards for our clients. We are our clients' brand ambassadors. We market and sell their products and services, directly to their end-users. We are, the Human Commercial™.

Our Vision :
We epitomize value.

Ascentia takes PRIDE in all endeavours:


We are always passionate! About our work, our people and as a team creating a better future together.


Respect and love ourselves enough to be accountable for our own actions Respect and love others enough to always listen before we speak and communicate openly


We believe in doing what is right and not what is the most convenient.

Discipline & ethics

An amazing painting can never be produced by a lazy artist. Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard enough.


Success is essentially failing at a decreasing rate. We never stop at 'No' and 'We can't do this'. We just keep improving and going at it UNTIL we achieve.

In the globalised world we live in today, information and resources are just within a click away. In fact, the availability of information has changed the way consumers behaved in recent times. Consumers are now seeking active participation, higher efficiency in products and services. They are also more inclined towards how bespoke and personalised services are tailored to their needs and wants.

That is the reason why Human Commercial ™ is in greater demand than ever. It is one of the most effective way of creating the desired experience customers are looking for - a live experience that is convenient, personalised, informative, interactive, and instantaneous.








Since our humble beginnings in Singapore in 2008, Ascentia has since burgeoned into formidable entity in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, especially in the telecommunications division.

We sincerely believe our business is built upon our people. Their personal success and achievements fuel our motivation to keep breaking new frontiers.
Ascentia is the place where we build our people's goals and dreams together

Over the years, we have successfully taken many examples through the leadership development program, from the frontline sales & marketing to business management and leadership roles. In fact, every single leadership position is developed from within the organisation because we believe because foundation is key.

Sales development

Sales is about engaging in a two-way communication and being able to connect with people rather than hard-selling and pushing a product blindly to any consumers.

Therefore, our sales development program focuses on holistic development of soft skills , emphasising on communication, interpersonal skills, as well as self-discipline and situation handling.

One that has undergone the development with Ascentia will pick up much more on self-confidence and personal charisma, rather than mere sales pitching.

Leadership development

We are always looking for the next person on board! The process is really simple. Once a person's resume is shortlisted, there will be a phone assessment with our Recruiter, followed by an appointment down at the office.

So what will we be looking for specifically?
Leadership : we are excited to hear from you instances on how you organised and led a team or, by supported the team in achieving goals even when not appointed as a leader.
Your chain of thought : we are much more interested to know your perspective and thoughts on situations than your grades and transcripts on paper.
Your comfort level : we are in for the long term, and we want to know you, and be sure you'll thrive with us moving forward.

if you feel you might have what it takes, fill this up and we'll be looking forward to meeting you.


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